Amino Neuro Frequency

Amino neuro frequency therapy (ANF) uses small, painless discs to efficiently help to improve your pain, reduce swelling, and help your body repair and recover from injuries and problems.

ANF is a treatment for pain, inflammation and all of the many consequences of inflammation that can affect the tissues, muscles and organs in your body. It works by getting down to the cause of the problems you’re experiencing, instead of attempting to superficially manage or hide the symptoms, like you get with pain-killers.

Our ANF Analogy

Think of massaging a sore muscle as comforting a child after he has been bullied at school. Providing this comfort doesn’t change the fact that the bully will likely continue to cause upset at school, as he is the cause of the problem. ANF is designed to deal directly with the bully – getting to the root of the problem so that you don’t have to deal with the painful symptoms or aftermath.

ANF can help with:

How does ANF work?

ANF discs work by emitting a precise frequency of energy to the area beneath the skin where it is applied. Every organ in your body has a specific frequency at which it operates optimally, so your practitioner selects the right disc to match the desired frequency of the area and tissues being treated. 

Once the disc is activated by your body’s infrared heat, the frequencies emitted are picked up by your body’s nervous system, helping to strengthen your weak or unregulated frequencies to bring them back to a healthy functioning state. When the body can work well, it can heal and regulate itself well, including reducing inflammation, improving pain and boosting your repair and recovery of any injuries.

The Four Phases Of ANF

ANF works in four phases. Here’s an overview of each phase to help you better understand the process and what you can expect.

Phase One: Let’s Start

A thorough screening of your medical history and an assessment will drive the disc application approach. It’s often not where we feel the pain that is the cause of the problem, but the area of your symptoms are just a result of the underlying issue elsewhere. This is where ANF is different in the approach of finding out the whole history before the hands-on approach. This collection of information can often reveal other areas that require treatment or attention first – before the localised site. This helps reduce the inflammatory response in the nervous system, thereby reducing the symptoms from the injured site.

Once this is all determined, this sets up which discs need to be used where they should be applied. These discs work to reduce inflammation and hence, your pain. You may experience a few normal detox effects, like metallic taste in your mouth. Don’t worry – it’s a good sign! It tells us that your body is responding to the therapy. On each application, these discs are left on for up to 96 hours.

Phase Two: Focus

Once we enter phase two, the most common and serious inflammation and pain you were experiencing will have significantly improved. This means we’ll start applying fewer discs, and start targeting specific areas more that are still troubling you or are a root cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Phase Three: Regenerate

By this stage, we’ll expect most of the inflammation throughout the body to have subsided – and the same for your pain. This means that your muscles and tissues will be on their way to proper regeneration, and optimal rehabilitation can take place. We guide you through listening to your body and taking care of yourself during this phase.

Phase Four: Maintain

Now, all your affected painful areas and their root causes have normalised, and you’re not experiencing any more pain. It is now the time to support your immune system and reduce the risk for new injuries by following our protocols – and improving your diet, lifestyle, sleep and exercise habits. The rate at which you progress through the stages is very much dependent on the problems you’ve had, the length of time you’ve had them, and your lifestyle habits throughout the process. Don’t worry, we’ll guide you through everything you need to know and teach you how to get the best results from your ANF treatment.


You feel the results almost instantly. In our experience, anywhere between thirty seconds and twenty minutes for a noticeable improvement in pain – during which time we haven’t touched you – aside from the initial palpation to identify the irritable nerve site and then carefully and strategically applying the discs.


As practitioners grounded in science and clinical evidence we were a little skeptical too when we first heard about this and read about this. But after experiencing it for ourselves – and using it on patients and our own families – we now swear by it.

No, we are trained to use ANF for the whole body. This includes back pain, shoulder pain and any other upper body problems. The only thing we don’t treat is the mind.

Not at all. The ANF discs themselves are painless, and are medically registered to be safe. You may experience some detox symptoms (like a metallic taste in your mouth) as toxins are cleared, though this is a positive sign and nothing to be concerned about.

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