Your biomechanics describe the complex way that your feet and legs work together to produce movement. This is why when you come to us with pain or an injury, we always perform a biomechanical assessment to understand the role that your foot and leg biomechanics play in the development of your pain.

Understanding your biomechanics is crucial in helping us formulate an effective and comprehensive treatment plan, and in alleviating your pain for the long-term and preventing your injuries from recurring. Your biomechanical assessment will help with:

What does your biomechanical assessment include?

Your biomechanical assessment is led by your practitioner who will perform basic testing, and then based on any insufficiencies or problems that are identified, will then explore that area in-depth with further testing. The basics of your assessment include:

Aside from those that are injured or in pain, biomechanical assessments can also benefit those who are:

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