BS Brace

BS Brace

The BS Brace is an innovative treatment for ingrown, pinched and involuted toenails. It is also our #1 alternative to ingrown toenail surgery.

The BS is a translucent, barely noticeable brace that is painlessly applied to the top of your toenail by our podiatrists. As it gets to work, it gives you relief from your painful symptoms, while working to alter the shape of your toenail from one that is pinched or angles down into the side of your toe, to one that is flatter and less likely to grow into or bother the surrounding skin. There is no bleeding, no surgery, no recovery downtime and no risk of infection from the brace itself.

How The BS Brace Works

The BS brace works using a spring tension system, using the principles of pressure and counter-pressure. The brace is carefully measured and then mounted onto your toenail using a magnetic applicator and a sealant so that it stays firmly in place. It gets to work straight away and starts to slowly draw into itself to lift the nail ends to form a flatter and healthier nail shape that isn’t prone to growing into the skin.

The straightening process happens so seamlessly and gradually that you barely notice it – which is why we recommend taking photos – but what you do notice is that relief from painful pressure, which starts approximately 30 minutes after the application of the brace. Throughout the process, your nail keeps growing as normal – except now, instead of growing down into the sides and piercing the skin, it grows out flat and retains that shape.

The tension that lifts the sides of the nails will work for approximately four weeks, after which time the brace can be re-applied until the desired level of ‘straightening’ is achieved.

Who Can Benefit From The BS Brace?

We see the best results in those who have recurrent ingrown toenail pain but don’t have severe swelling or inflammation or infection of the toe. Also, those with involuted, incurvated or pincer toenails.

The Application Procedure

  1. The nail is prepared by smoothing any rough surface area and applying antiseptics
  2. The nail size is measured for reference (to see its progression in the nail shape over the time) and nail brace size is measured
  3. The brace is applied to the nail
  4. The edges of the brace are filed to reduce the chance of socks or hosiery catching on the brace
  5. A sealant is applied on the top and we wait for 2-3 minutes for it to dry
  6. Once the brace is on, we need to keep it dry for minimum 8 hours, particularly avoiding hot showers
  7. You return in 4 weeks for a review and reapplication of the brace; this may repeat depending on the goal of the treatment – i.e. nail shape change or ingrown toenail treatment

Top 5 Questions

Not at all. Both the application and treatment process are painless.

The brace itself is made from fibreglass in Germany, first designed over 30 years ago.

Yes, safety is one of the brilliant features of this treatment, and it’s regarded highly worldwide. To better explain, one of the reasons that surgeries and other invasive treatments are not suitable for those with diabetes or circulatory problems is because your ability to heal wounds effectively and prevent or fight off infection is compromised by problems with blood flow (diabetes also damages the blood vessels causing circulation problems). This makes you vulnerable to complications throughout your recovery and puts your health at risk. There is nothing invasive about the BS brace and it doesn’t penetrate the skin, meaning you don’t have those concerns.

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