Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy

Compression For Recovery: How It Can Be Your Game-Changer

Walked into our clinic and spotted someone in what looks like… space gear? Yep, you’re in the right place. These are our NormaTec Hyperice compression garments (not space suits), and they’re changing the way our patients recover in the best way possible.

This active compression technology could be just what you need to recover quicker and optimise your performance. Want to know what a session with these garments could do for you and your training? Read on.

Compression: The Benefits To You

Let’s dive straight into the benefits. Studies have shown that using these garments can help relieve muscle pain and aches, temporarily increase circulation and hence flexibility and the range of motion available in the joints, help with injury prevention, and accelerate recovery times.

These benefits aren’t all too surprising – after all, athletes and those partaking in recreational sports have used at-home compression garments for decades to help with things like swelling, circulation and repair. This active compression system, however, goes far beyond your at-home compression sleeves – and we’ve explained how below.

How Does Compression Work?

The scientific focus of compression is on your blood flow. Promoting circulation means your body is encouraged to remove the waste products left behind, or newly created, as a result of the exercise you just did. It also fuels the cells in your body, bringing them oxygen and nutrients for optimum function. 

In the case of these compression garments, they use air compression to mimic the muscle pump of the legs, using a massage pattern that employs three key techniques to maximise the benefits to you – pulsing, distal release, and gradients. This means that your legs and muscles are squeezed in sections and in intervals to best mimic natural blood flow, maximising circulation and efficiently moving fluids into, and metabolites (waste products), out of the body. 

Sole Motion Pulsing Compression

Pulsing compression

Mimics the way muscles pump blood in the legs

Sole Motion Distal Release

Distal release

Every part of the leg has the optimum rest time possible because the system has released pressure at the right time

Sole Motion Compression Therapy


create a pressure wave that moves your fluids in your legs in the right direction

You could, but you won’t get the same results. Compression sleeves squeeze the area to help keep blood out, and swelling down. Removing the garment means that blood will come rushing back into the area. These garments we have pulse and release in sections, imitating healthy blood flow to the area and keeping the benefits rolling.

Compression sessions have become popular here at Sole Motion post-workout, and you can use them pre-workout, too. 

On your end, it’s an easy process where you sit back and relax. We start by suiting you up in the appropriate areas – commonly your legs or other extensions if you need them. We then program the right function to achieve your goals – it could be a recovery flush, a rehab pump, or something custom we program for you. 

We then focus the garment on whichever areas will help you the most – this is where we can get very specific, choosing to focus intensely on the foot/ankle, calf, knee, lower quads, upper quads and more. We can also remove areas, or ‘zones’, too. We select your intensity – which we can adjust session by session to help you get the best results. Your compression session lasts between 10 and 60 minutes, and you lie back and let the machine do its thing.

This therapy is painless – and our patients love it.

Great! Our team of experienced podiatrists are here to help you feel and perform better using these innovative compression garments.

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