Exercise Rehabilitation

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Exercise Rehabilitation

Exercise is one of the most powerful rehabilitation tools, not just for its physical benefits like improving our strength, balance and overall function, but also for its variety of benefits for our mental health, lessening the impact of disease, and supporting our immune system.

As part of your recovery from pain or injury, it is highly likely that we’ll prescribe you a custom exercise rehabilitation programme. This programme will be uniquely designed based on the results of your biomechanical assessment, where we will have identified any areas of weakness, stiffness, or insufficiency. The goal of the assessment is not only to help you best recover from your pain or injury, but also to optimise your overall strength and function, so you can perform at your best in everyday life. Additionally, we also create custom exercise plans for those wanting to improve and optimise their sports performance, to help give them a competitive edge.


Physitrack is the name of the mobile technology we use to optimise your recovery or performance through regular exercise monitoring, the ability to track your progress, and hold you accountable to completing your programme – like a rehab coach in your pocket!

The exercises we prescribe are simple and usually don’t require equipment, so that they can be done in the comfort of your own home or wherever you are. You will receive your programme in images and video on your phone or mobile device, where you can log your daily completion as well as record your symptoms to relay back to your podiatrist at your next appointment. If you choose to log your completion, your care team can view this information, including making any adjustments to your programme if you’re finding it difficult to perform a particular movement.


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