Fracture Management

Fractures can be a difficult and longstanding problem to manage, causing significant interruptions to a person's life at home, at work, and in their ability to enjoy recreational sporting activities.

We offer a range of solutions to speed up the recovery time of fractures, while making your recovery as comfortable as possible.


K-Laser is one of the two lasers we offer. It utilises painless, low frequency light to reduce pain and inflammation, while stimulating healing and repair. One of the uses of K-Laser is optimising recovery from bone fractures, the effects of which are backed by studies. This is performed as an 8-minute treatment, at intervals set out by your podiatrist.

Alongside speeding up the bone healing, the effects of K-Laser also work to reduce soft tissue inflammation, decrease pain, and positively benefit the range-of-motion available at the joints in the area, safely and effectively without any negative side effects.

Moon Boots & CAM Walkers

Moon boots and CAM walkers are devices that strap around your foot and lower leg. They can vary in size and length, but generally cover the area below the knee, alongside the foot and ankle. The function of these devices is to offload the injured area, whether that be a bone, a tissue, a muscle or anything else. It is indicated as a gold standard part of clinical treatment for a number of injuries.


If you’ve been prescribed a moon boot, then your injury is serious. It means that we need to be very careful with the way your injury heals to get the best outcomes and reduce the risk for any long-term complications. This is where moon boots and CAM walkers are effective options designed to help you get the best outcome for your pain or injury.

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