Keryflex is the name of the system we use to perform cosmetic nail restoration, where we completely transform the appearance of your toenails in one appointment from being discoloured or damaged to looking healthy, shiny and clear.

Keryflex cosmetic nail restoration works by creating an artificial nail over the existing nail that feels and acts like a real nail. It doesn’t cause any damage to the nail beneath and it lets the original nail grow out while looking great.

What Does A Keryflex Nail Feel Like?

Keryflex nails are light, flexible and natural, meaning that they move naturally with the toes, unlike the artificial nails you see at salons that are rigid and damaging to the nail beneath. The nail is non-porous and doesn’t allow moisture to penetrate between the natural nail and the Keryflex nail. This means it won’t irritate or cause further damage, and it won’t exacerbate any existing fungal nail infections or other conditions. In fact, Keryflex contains an antifungal (Piroctone Olamine) to help limit the growth of existing fungal infections.

The Safety Of Keryflex Nails

Aside from being non-porous, breathable and non-damaging to your toenails, as Keryflex is performed by our registered podiatrists, under very strict hygiene and safety protocols. We know many people are concerned about fungal infections that can be caught from nail salons that have poor disinfection standards or aren’t required to sterilise their instruments by law. This is where our processes excel – and you can maintain a full peace of mind about the safety of your feet and toenails.

The Benefits Of Keryflex

Keryflex nails have numerous benefits, including that they:

  • Look and feel completely natural
  • Have an easy and painless application and removal process
  • Provide an immediate cosmetic enhancement in one appointment
  • Can be used after your anti-fungal treatment to enhance the appearance of toenails damaged by fungus while they grow out
  • Are flexible and bend with the natural movement of toes and feet
  • Don’t cause further damage to the underlying nail or skin
  • Allow for the remaining nail to grow out naturally
  • Are non-porous and won’t allow moisture to penetrate between the natural & the Keryflex nail
  • Are applied by your podiatrist with their precise skill and expert knowledge of the feet and toes
  • Are unaffected by acetone, nail polishes or detergents – so you can paint your nails and use them how you would naturally
  • Are available in three colours: clear, natural, and opaque

Top 5 Questions

Yes, with Keryflex your toenails should be treated like real nails – you can paint them, use acetone nail polish remover, and generally pamper your feet.

For Keryflex to work, you only need approximately 15% of the nail at the base to apply the treatment – so don’t let a small or short nail stop you. It does mean that Keryflex can’t be applied to toes with no nail, as it bonds to the natural nail and not the skin.

Keryflex appointments take approximately 30 minutes, and the results are instant.

There are only a few instances where we wouldn’t recommend Keryflex nails as it is a very safe and effective treatment. Those with peripheral vascular disease, peripheral neuropathy, ingrown toenails, and conditions that affect their ability to feel their feet should have a check with our team first to assess their suitability. The same goes for women who are pregnant or those that have allergies to products that may be used in the system. Don’t worry – we never perform this treatment without checking a person’s suitability first. If you have any questions, just give us a call.

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