Occupational Health

Occupational Health

We understand how important it is to not only be able to return to work in a timely manner, but also to be back to your full functional capacity when you do.

We work with you to treat workplace injuries as well as reduce the risk of developing future injuries at work. We assess your health and safety issues at work and identify your risks when it comes to lower limb injuries. This risk is often a combination of two factors. The first are the stresses directly relating to your job, including the impact from repetitive movements and demands on your lower limbs. The second is your specific foot and leg biomechanics, any conditions you are affected by, and any weaknesses, abnormalities and restrictions in your lower limb function. By assessing these and your history of injury, we form your thorough management plan that is specific to your feet and job. This gets you the best outcomes when it comes to reducing your risk of injury and repairing and strengthening existing injuries and conditions.

Sole Motion Occupation

We help you be at your best at work by:

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