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Theragun: Muscle Soreness, Pain Relief & Workout Recovery

Here at Sole Motion, one of the keys to our success is bringing you not just premium technology, but the right technology, that gets you results. The Theragun is exactly that, but don’t take our word for it. The Theragun is backed by countless athletes and sports teams, including:

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Maria Sharapova


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Real Madrid


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Paul George


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Collin Morikawa


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Manchester City F.C.


We’ve seen fantastic results using the Theragun in runners (both recreational and elite), those in competition sports, and those that want to skip the soreness and really get the most out of their workout/recovery regardless of their performance level.

So how can the Theragun help you relieve muscle soreness and pain, while helping you recover and feel much better after your workout? Read on and find out.

Pssst: If you’ve used the Theragun with us before, we’re excited to announce that we’ve now purchased the latest model. It’s both a lot quieter and has added benefits – so we’re starting massage work with it too!

Theragun: What Is It & How Does It Work?

A Theragun is a form of soft tissue manipulation, meaning it works on the muscle, ligaments and tissues in the area it is applied to, to reduce muscle soreness and speed up recovery time after workouts, while improving the movement in that area. 

The principle behind the Theragun is percussive therapy, meaning that it uses deep and powerful vibrations and force to produce its beneficial effects. Aside from the physical effects, these vibrations also work the brain-body connection, changing our perception of and relationship with pain.

Using percussive therapy instead of just vibration therapy, the Theragun reaches deeper muscle layers than we’re able to with our hands, foam rollers or other tools. It has been shown to go 60% deeper than consumer-grade vibration massagers. This means that it produces a more effective result faster, and works fantastically for both athletes and weekend warriors alike.

What Are The Benefits To You?

What Happens When The Theragun Is Used?

The physical handpiece is applied to the muscle group being worked on, moving up and down and sending vibrations deep below the surface of the skin. The handpiece is moved around specific areas by your podiatrist while you sit back and relax. Your podiatrists know the techniques and proper use guidelines to help you get the most benefits out of this therapy. There’s no need to dig deep into the muscles to get the best results – the Theragun does the hard work for you.

We use the Theragun on:

While the majority of our patients come to us after their event, workout or training to have a Theragun session – or we use it as a regular part of their rehab – it is great before physical activity, too. By improving circulation and activating muscles beforehand, your flexibility and the movement through your muscles and joints is improved, so your performance is improved, and your risk of injury is also reduced.

We can’t recommend the Theragun enough. Alongside the Theragun, our podiatrists are always happy to show you our other range of innovative treatments focused on recovery and repair in sports.

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