Sole Motion Reduce Injury

Sports Podiatry

Get out of pain faster, return to the game sooner, and prevent future injuries.

Laser Therapy

Heal and repair injuries faster than we’ve ever seen before using laser therapy.


Occupational Health

Returning to work faster and at full functional capacity has
never been easier.

Sole Motion Biomechanics

Workplace Injuries

Sole Motion Biomechanics

Workplace Footwear

Corrective Nail Solutions

End the pain and frustration of recurring ingrown toenails  with our simple in-clinic procedures.


Children’s Podiatry

Keeping kids happy, healthy and free to continue to explore, grow and learn without being hindered by pain.

Percussion Therapy

Here at Sole Motion, one of the keys to our success is bringing you not just premium technology, but the right technology, that gets you results.

Percussion Therapy
Foot on orthopedic insoles medical foot correction.

Functional Orthotics

Custom, prescription devices that assist in the treatment of injuries, improve foot function, enhance performance and add stability and comfort to your feet and legs.

Sole Motion Biomechanics

Toe Nail Surgery

Sole Motion Biomechanics

Ingrown Nail Bracing


Keryflex Nail Restoration

Compression Therapy

Walked into our clinic and spotted someone in what looks like… space gear? Yep, you’re in the right place.

Sole Motion Compression Therapy
InterX Image

InterX Pain Relief

Reduce pain and restore function with InterX neurostimulation therapy

Skin, Nail & Foot Care

Our comprehensive range of foot care services keep you feeling great and at your best on your feet through every stage of life.

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Fracture Management

Any condition where a tissue, muscle or bone has been injured can benefit from a moon boot

Amino Neuro Frequency

It all started less than one month ago when our Senior Podiatrist, Justin, undertook some extensive training in Amino Neuro Frequency (ANF).

Solemotion NKT

Neuro Kinetic Therapy

Any condition where a tissue, muscle or bone has been injured can benefit from a moon boot

BS Brace

The BS is a translucent, barely noticeable brace that is painlessly applied to the top of your toenail by our podiatrists.



Keryflex cosmetic nail restoration works by creating an artificial nail over the existing nail that feels and acts like a real nail.

Foot Mobilisation

Foot mobilisation works by freeing up the joints, helping to break down scar tissue that may be causing restrictions.

The masseur presses on the points on the foot close-up. Muscles, relaxation, body, massage, manual, recovery, pain

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