Workplace Injuries

Many of us spend eight or more hours at work. As such, it’s important to take care of our feet and legs, and take the right measures to protect against workplace injuries as much as possible.

Injuries to the feet, legs and our entire bodies can occur anywhere – whether that’s from slippery surfaces in office buildings, hospital wards, retail stores or construction sites, or the great demands on our feet and bodies in these workplaces and many more.

Our team works to understand the exact cause of your injuries – whether that’s something straightforward from a direct injury, or you’ve had a niggle that has been worsening over some time, and then creates a comprehensive treatment plan to help you recover in an optimal timeframe. Additionally, it’s very important to us to put the right measures in place to prevent your injury from recurring in the future.

Common workplace injuries that we see and treat include:

Footwear In The Workplace

Given that your footwear forms the new ground on which you walk and can be a powerful aid to help support your feet - or increase your injury risk - your footwear at work is one of the key things that we will always check and assess.

Gait Assessment

For occupations that require regular walking, or for those who find themselves walking to or from work, a gait assessment is extremely beneficial in helping ensure that your gait is helping you throughout the day, and not making your body work harder and increasing your injury risk. We see the effects of poor gait be particularly prevalent in hairdressers, hospital and retail staff who are on their feet moving around all day.

Preventing Future Injury

Effectively managing your foot or leg injuries and pains means not only helping you return to work faster and reducing the time you need to take off, but also helping prevent the complications that can arise when injuries are left unmanaged. Common examples include ankle sprains that are not effectively rehabilitated progressing to chronic ankle instability, and bone and joint injuries resulting in arthritic changes.

Workplace Podiatry Assessments

We are proud to partner with entire workplaces and organisations to provide their team with individual foot health assessments, designed to help improve comfort and satisfaction on their feet, reduce their injury risk, and ultimately reduce employee absenteeism or presenteeism due to preventable injury.

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